As a regional museum, it shows exhibitions on the history of the Altmark and the city of Stendal, with a focus on prehistoric finds, medieval city history, sacred sculptures and the cultural history of the 19th century. In addition, there are alternating special exhibitions. You find our “Altmärkisches Museum” while walking along “Schadewachten” – it is one of our boulevards, leading from the Tangermünde Gate to Sperlingsberg – both of these sights are separate introduced within this website.

Location: Schwadewachten 48 / 39576 Hansestadt Stendal

Telephone: +49 3931 - 65 1700

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Among other exhibits you can see hand pressure sprayers (used from 1837), fire engines (used from 1938), fire protection and extinguishing equipment (used from 1900). There is always something new in the exhibition for young and old. The voluntary association “Feuerwehrhistorik Stendal e.V.“ sponsors the fire brigade museum.

Location: Arneburger Str. 146a / 39576 Hansestadt Stendal

Telephone: +49 3931 - 212575

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The Winckelmann Museum is located where the birthplace of Johann Joachim Winckelmann was. Johann Joachim Winckelmann (1717-1768) is the most famous son of our city. The permanent exhibition is dedicated to the life and work of Winckelmann, the founder of classical archaeology and art history. Colourful and excitingly staged, in addition to the numerous valuable exhibits, it also offers multimedia stations and special offers for children. The exhibition area "8000 years of art" offers works of art and artist bequests across art history in smaller collections. In addition, the museum shows special exhibitions several times a year, often with international participation. Children, young people and whole families have a wide range of opportunities to experience the world of antiquity up close and learn much about historical art. The sculpture courtyard is an atmospheric place, furnished with bronzes and stone sculptures, and invites you to linger. In the outdoor area, the largest walkable Trojan horse in the world stands a wonderful view over the city. There is also an audio theatre, a play street, a labyrinth and the archaeological camp to experience. Visitors can relax in the museum garden, equipped with sculptures and a tent of gods.

Location: Winckelmannstr. 36 – 38 / 39576 Hansestadt Stendal

Telephone: +49 3931 - 215226

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